Let the whole world shout in one voice – close the airspace over Ukraine!

Dear Ukrainians!
Ukraine and all Ukrainian people are defending themselves against the insidious and cynical attack of Russia and Belarus, and every hour is the lost lives of our children, women and parents. Russian troops are shelling and destroying key infrastructure facilities, conducting massive shelling of residential areas of Ukrainian cities and villages using ballistic missiles and aircraft.
During the war, more than 2000 civilian Ukrainians, including 28 children, were killed by air ataks by the Russian occupiers.

You ask, what can I do when I’m abroad? In fact – a lot !!! Go to rallies demanding that governments close the sky over Ukraine! It will save thousands of lives of children, parents, women !!!

Today, thousands of Ukrainians and citizens of other countries are going to rallies, but Ukraine is asking now to close the airspace!
If you want to help defeat the Russian aggressor, go out and knock on the doors of famous politicians, diplomats, leaders of your country! Let the whole world shout in one voice – close the airspace over Ukraine!

Video report of actions to support Ukraine

Support for Ukraine in Georgia
Support for Ukraine in Mexico and Chile
Support for Ukraine in South Africa
Support for Ukraine in Tokyo
Support for Ukraine in USA

Support for Ukraine in UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Support for Ukraine in South Korea

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