Information Warfare: russian fakes for March 16th 2022 (at 18:00)

Millions of Ukrainians are encountering Russian propaganda every day. It spreads through TV, radio, media, social networks and by word of mouth. To defeat the enemy, we must fight it on all fronts. To this end, we have prepared a daily compilation of Russian fakes.

FAKE: Kyiv has agreed to demilitarization



This fake was created by one of the russian negotiators, Medinsky. The Ukrainian side had denied it, as stated by Mykhailo Podolyak, any proposed solution must be Ukrainian first and must include security guarantees several countries, as well as full removal of russian forces from Ukrainian territory.

FAKE: US has already “buried” Ukraine



The original CNN article has no mentions of any “burial” of Ukraine – authors emphasize the Russian war crimes committed in Ukraine and call for the West to act decisively against the russian aggressor.

This is how the front page of CNN looks like:

FAKE: The mass grave in Mariupol is a fake



Russian propagandists continue to say that no civilians were killed in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the mass graves in Mariupol are real. The city is besieged on all sides, and every day people are killed by the russian bombs: soldiers, civilians, children. Every day, missile strikes destroy more of the city.

FAKE: Ukraine had attacked Donetsk with ballistic missiles



Ukrainian MoD had already stated that the missile that struck Donetsk city center on March 14 could only be russian. This is confirmed by the independent CIT group. They had analyzed the missile remains and concluded that the missile was launched from the russian controlled territory.

FAKE: International volunteers are used as cannon fodder



As always, there are no sources, no corroboration, no names. The fact that the American in question is called a “mercenary” point to the story being russian propaganda. Once again, we see the attempts to dissuade foreign fighters from traveling to Ukraine and joining the war.

The story has all the staples of russian propaganda: volunteers are called mercenaries, nobody respects them, they are under equipped, sent into the hot spots, forced to fight under the threat of execution, and, eventually, all of them are killed.

All of this is complete nonsense invented to discredit Ukraine in the fight against the russian invader. Foreigners who join the International Legion are volunteers, and come to Ukraine by their own will. They are equipped with the same gear that the Armed Forces of Ukraine use, which is, by the way, a lot better than the gear used by russian soldiers.

As for the “forced to fight under the threat of execution” bit – that’s the typical mirroring of russian propaganda. It’s the russians who force their soldiers to fight. The Legionnaires are used mostly as support troops, since they lack heavy weapons, vehicles and artillery, so they are not deployed into the “hot spots”. Moreover, there was no information about mass casualties among foreigners in Ukraine.

FAKE: Military Enlistment Offices are “hunting” for men in Dnipro and Zaporizhia



We have another case of russian propaganda warping the facts. The paper on the photo looks like a regular draft notice from the Military Enlistment Office. This is normal, since on February 24, due to the russian invasion, a state of full mobilization was declared in Ukraine. Able-bodied citizens, conscripts, and reservists should, in case of them being drafted, arrive at their Enlistment Office or military unit. Draftees could be notified of their status by a phone call. Being drafted immediately is not out of the ordinary.

All stories about forceful mobilization in Ukraine are easily disproved: you just need to see the giant lines to the Enlistment Offices, where people are turned away since there are just too many volunteers to join the Armed Forces; see the total mobilization of Ukrainian society to support the Armed Forces and the Territorial Guard; the scale and scope of the volunteer movement that helps the civilians and those who suffered from the russian aggression.

Ukraine does not need to force its citizens to fight. Ukrainians are showing their free spirit, courage, and willpower to the whole world. Ukrainians are eager to defend their land.

FAKE: Putin’s “Special Operation” goes according to plan and the General Staff tactics have proved themselves

Source: Putin’s address


Putin, in his addresses, states that the “special operation” in Ukraine goes according to plan. That is far from the truth: Ukrainian soldiers have captured plans of the operation from high ranking russian officers, and according to those plans Ukraine was supposed to be captured, in its entirety, by March 6. By the fourth week of the “operation” russian forces managed to capture only a few cities, with most major strategic objectives still in the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As of russian General Staff tactics, most military experts agree that the way russians fight displays their military incompetence.

FAKE: Russia does not plan to occupy Ukraine

Source: Putin’s address


No matter how much Putin talks about his lack of intention of occupying Ukraine, the reality proves different. In the occupied cities, russians cut down Ukrainian flags to put their own. They install their mayors, their policemen and kidnap Ukrainian activists.

Be advised: Russia is waging a full-scale information war against Ukraine. There are multitudes of new fakes swarming through the mass-media every day. To protect you and your family, be sure to obtain and share your information only from official sources.

Official information channels:

· Office of the President of Ukraine

· General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces 

· Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 

· Ministry of Defense of Ukraine 

· Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

· Ministry of Internal Affairs

· National Police of Ukraine 

· State Emergency Service of Ukraine

· State Border Guard Service of Ukraine 

· Centre for Strategic Communication

· Centre for Desinformation Resistance

· State Special Communications Service of Ukraine 

· Ukrainian Ground Forces 

· Ukrainian Navy

· Territorial Defense Forces 

· National Bank of Ukraine

Information about transportation and infrastructure:

· Ministry of Infrastructure 

· Ukrainian Railways  

· Airspace of Ukraine 

· State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine 

· Boryspil International Airport

· Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

· Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Lviv

· State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety

Keep calm and trust only official sources. Ukraine will prevail!

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