Evidence of the crime of Russian troops in Bucha

Video taken from a drone on March 3 in Bucha, with the Russian BMD firing several shots at a civilian at the intersection of Yablunska and Vokzalna streets. (The video also tracks the civilian through the point he meets the Russian BMD at the intersection.) Following the release of photos from the city, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Ukraine had staged a provocation, and the bodies appeared on the streets only after the (Russian) de-occupation (and the Ukrainian occupation.). However, the head of the ritual service of the Bucha community, Serhiy Kaplychny, confirms the first burial of civilians in the city began on March 10 with the permission of the Russian military. The video was shot by aerial reconnaissance March 3, 2022 in Bucha, confirming the presence of the Russian equipment (and the shooting). VoxCheck analysts have confirmed the video and events. 

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