Serbian president urges his citizens to support Ukraine and transfers MiG-29 to Ukraine

Today, I, as a President legally elected by the Serbian people, have become a hostage of a complex situation.

Serbia remains one of a few countries that did not introduce sanctions against russia. I cannot do that for two reasons.

Firstly, because, to my great regret, the majority of Serbian people support the war that putin has started. Secondly, going against putin will mean that there will be a great probability of him repeating the Ukrainian scenario in Serbia, to “protect the russian people”. And I cannot allow Serbian people to suffer from war again. Today, we must understand that there are twice as much russians from russia that had fled into Serbia, than Ukrainians from Ukraine. And there is no fighting in russia! I urge Serbian people to think about that and support Ukraine.

This is why I had a meeting with our American friends a couple of days ago, which included a Senator from the Armed Services Committee. To my American colleagues I emphasized Serbia’s adherence to the principles of international law, territorial integrity and political independence of Ukraine, as evidenced by Serbia’s vote in the UN General Assembly against the actions of the russian federation in Ukraine. 

Mr. Tom Tillis welcomed our decision to buy French Rafale fighter planes. After the deal is completed, our MIG-29 could be transferred to Ukraine.

Furthermore, we are planning to decrease our dependency on russian gas by 2023. Right now we are in negotiations with Greece and Azerbaijan.

This will bring us closer to our main foreign policy goal – a full EU membership.

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