Turkey expresses staunch stance on achieving lasting peace in Ukraine


Turkey has made and continues to make efforts to establish a ceasefire regime and lasting peace in Ukraine, as well as to ensure the evacuation from Mariupol and provide humanitarian aid.

The relevant statement was made by Deputy Chairman of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) Numan Kurtulmuş during a meeting with the mother and wives of Mariupol defenders in Ankara, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“In order to reduce the number of human dramas, including within the Mariupol-based Azovstal steelworks, we have taken actions in terms of evacuation and aid. And you have seen this. Any war brings destruction and is a negative phenomenon. There is a potential for this war to last longer, and its geography may expand. Thus, we urge other countries not to exploit the situation in their political interests but take concrete steps to establish a ceasefire regime as quickly as possible and gradually achieve a lasting peace. We, as Turkey, are ready to make every effort and are very decisive in this regard,” Kurtulmuş told.

Kurtulmuş expressed hope that peace will be made in Ukraine in the near future, and Turkey will actively help Ukraine to rebuild.

“Turkey, like Ukraine, highly rates universal human values and guards them. These are family, peace and human life. You are our great hope in saving the lives of our men,” one of the wives of Mariupol defenders said at the meeting.

The family members of Mariupol defenders told the Turkish side about what had been happening in Mariupol and at the Azovstal plant since the Russian invasion started and the use of the prohibited munitions by Russian troops.

The mother and wives of Mariupol defenders called on Turkey to act as a security guarantor, save the lives of Mariupol defenders and ensure that the Ukrainian servicemen who have left the Azovstal plant and are now staying within the Russian Federation are treated in accordance with the international regulations.


Source: Turkey expresses staunch stance on achieving lasting peace in Ukraine

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