Three months of war with Russia: EU, 11 countries issue joint statement


Eleven countries and the European Union have made a joint statement calling for the safety of humanitarian and healthcare workers and the minimization of human suffering.

The statement was posted on the Facebook page of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Ukrinform reports.

“Today marks three months since the start of the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion on Ukraine on 24th February. In this time, thousands have lost their lives and attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure continue to escalate. The human suffering inflicted by this war is despicable and the massive impact will be felt by communities and families for years to come,” the statement said.

According to the document, over 25% of the population of Ukraine have fled from their homes in three months, 4.5 million Ukrainian children are displaced, whereas the speed and scale of displacement that has occurred in this crisis is unprecedented.

It is also emphasized that humanitarian responders, particularly those in Ukrainian national NGOs and local organizations, are demonstrating enormous bravery in their efforts to deliver essentials like medical services, shelter, water and food to populations in need in all areas of the country. The authors of the statement noted the need for humanitarians to be able to work safely, have access to all populations in need and be protected from harm in doing their jobs.

The countries also called for respect to be given to the status of healthcare workers, humanitarian workers and civilian infrastructure.

“It is imperative to minimize human suffering by ensuring safe and consistent access to humanitarian assistance no matter where those in need are located. Civilians and civilian objects must be distinguished from military objectives when carrying out operations by ensuring respect for the humanitarian notification system and facilitating safe civilian evacuations,” the statement said.

The countries also called for the creation of the necessary conditions for people fleeing the war to do so safely and to allow individual choice of where to relocate.

“The only way to protect civilians and minimize the suffering of the Ukrainian people is for Russia to end this unjust and vicious war,” the statement said.

The authors of the statement are Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Estonia, the European Union, Italy, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Source: Three months of war with Russia: EU, 11 countries issue joint statement

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