Darnytskyi Car Repair Plant after Russia’s missile strikes: Production shops destroyed but no tanks

No tanks have been found within the territory of Kyiv-based Darnytskyi Car Repair Plant, either unharmed or damaged.

At 6:00 a.m., June 5, 2022, four Russian missiles hit the territory of Ukrzaliznytsia’s Darnytskyi Car Repair Plant in the city of Kyiv. Russia’s Defense Ministry immediately claimed they had fired missiles at Darnytskyi Car Repair Plant, as T-72 tanks were allegedly stationed there. Hence, Ukrzaliznytsia JSC offered journalists to inspect the plant, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“Three missiles destroyed three auxiliary shops: forging, tool maker and wood-working. One missile fell on the road between shops. No fatal casualties were reported. A security guard received cut wounds. He got three stitches, and is at home now. In general, 668 employees work at the plant. There could have been many casualties if the missiles strikes were launched during working hours,” Ukrzaliznytsia JSC Board Member Yevhen Shramko told.

In his words, Darnytskyi Car Repair Plant is located in a densely populated district of Kyiv. A bomb shelter used by civilians from neighboring houses is situated nearby. Thus, hundreds of Kyiv residents were at risk.

Meanwhile, Russians hastily announced that the military equipment, namely T-72 tanks allegedly provided by European partners, had been stationed at the plant.

“The plant has been operated since 1936, repairing the rolling stock used for cargo transportation and manufacturing grain hoppers. Therefore, the plant is working with civilian goods only and has never been involved in any military production,” Shramko stressed.

Journalists were allowed to inspect not only the destroyed shops but the entire territory of the plant. We could see for ourselves that neither tanks, nor other military equipment were kept there, and there was not a single trace of something like that.

“Forging, tool maker and wood-working shops were destroyed completely. As the missiles hit, they caught fire, and firefighting works lasted nearly all day long. If we had had tanks, we would not have time to take care of them while extinguishing fire,” Shramko noted.

Shramko assumed Russia’s missile strikes on Darnytskyi Car Repair Plant were aimed at causing further damage to Ukraine’s railway infrastructure, or disrupting the manufacture of grain hoppers to prevent Ukraine’s grain exports abroad.


Source: Darnytskyi Car Repair Plant after Russia’s missile strikes: Production shops destroyed but no tanks

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