Russia keeps 40 cruise missiles ready in the Black Sea


Another submarine carrying cruise missiles has joined Russia’s naval group in the Black Sea. Now the enemy is ready to fire 40 cruise missiles at Ukraine.

The relevant statement was made by South Operational Command Spokesperson Vladyslav Nazarov on Facebook, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“The naval group of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, reinforced with another submarine carrying cruise missiles, continues to blockade the northwestern part of the Black Sea. The threat of 40 cruise missile strikes from the sea is remaining high. In addition, a large landing craft is staying at the sea,” Nazarov told.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian defense forces are ready to repulse enemy attacks in southern Ukraine.

According to Nazarov, the enemy continues to conduct hostilities at the contact line in southern Ukraine. Russian invaders are bringing up weapons and sowing mines. There are many fields, roads and bridges mined in the temporarily occupied areas.

In Mykolaiv Region, Russian troops continued to fire at the Bereznehuvate community. The data on casualties and damage caused are yet to be checked. In the Syrokove and Inhulka communities, Russian projectiles hit mainly agricultural fields outside settlements.


Source: Russia keeps 40 cruise missiles ready in the Black Sea

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