SBU nabs group spotting Russian strikes on Dnipro


A Russian spy network was neutralized in Dnipropetrovsk region, which is believed to have been ordered to spot missile strikes on the regional center Dnipro.

That’s according to the local office of the Security Service of Ukraine, Ukrifnorm reports.

“In a large-scale raid in Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions, an extensive intelligence network set up by Russian special services was neutralized. At the behest of their Russian handlers, they reconnoitered the coordinates of telecommunications infrastructure targets for enemy missile strikes. In addition, the attackers recorded the movement of military equipment of the Armed Forces and handed over to the aggressor the location of Ukrainian checkpoints near the eastern front,” the statement reads.

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In Dnipro, SBU operatives detained a Russian asset who had been collecting information on the location of telecommunications infrastructure. He passed on the intelligence to the occupiers in the form of videos with reference to the site and a detailed description, including of the surrounding area.

Also, an enemy asset video-recorded the movement of the Ukrainian military.

It has been established that his handler in Russia was one of the pro-Kremlin bloggers with over 300,000 subscribers. The culprit had turned to him for help in being appointed to a “position” in the occupation administration in the event of the capture of the region by the invading force.

During a search at the perpetrator’s home, law enforcers found computer and communications equipment that the culprit used to communicate with a Russian intelligence operative.

The detainee has been formally charged and taken into custody.

Source: SBU nabs group spotting Russian strikes on Dnipro

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