Western artillery has started working very hard on front. Occupier’s losses will only grow with each coming week – Zelensky

The President noted: “At last we feel that the Western artillery, the weapons we have received from our partners, are working very powerfully. Their accuracy is really as good as it needs to be. Our defenders are taking very tangible hits on trains and other points that are important for the logistics of the occupier. And this significantly reduces the offensive capabilities of the Russian army. Occupant losses will only grow with each passing week, as will the difficulty of supplying them.

According to the information provided by the Pivden Operational Command, Ukrainian forces carried out over 150 fire actions, while Ukrainian aircraft carried out another seven. As a direct consequence of this event, the Russian army has suffered the loss of approximately forty members of the armed forces, as well as three armored combat vehicles, a self-propelled Msta-S howitzer, two Msta-B howitzers, various pieces of automotive equipment, and a field fuel and lubricants store. According to the report from the Operational Command, the precise repercussions of the operations taken by the Ukrainian Armed Forces are now being verified.

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