Russia uses war in Ukraine to wipe out its own indigenous people

On August 9, Ukraine and the world celebrate the International Day of Indigenous Peoples.

An indigenous people is one that has inhabited a certain territory since time immemorial and does not have its own country. In Ukraine, the Crimean Tatars, Karaites and Krymchaks are legally recognized as indigenous peoples. Homeland for all three is the Crimean peninsula, and for 8 years these indigenous peoples of Ukraine have been deprived of the opportunity to freely develop their distinctive culture and language in Ukrainian Crimea.

Since 2014, about 30,000 Crimean Tatars have been forced to leave the peninsula illegally occupied by the rf due to unbearable living conditions. The russians brought kidnapping, torture, and persecution based on nationality, religion, and language to the once peaceful and democratic Crimea.

About 75% of personal searches in Crimea are against the minority of Crimean Tatars.  Of 251 political prisoners in Crimea, 178 are Tatars.

The real situation may be much worse than the official statistics – after all, russia has a rich history of genocide against other peoples. Inside the rf , moscow implements a systematic policy of forced assimilation of its enslaved indigenous peoples, and systematically destroys their cultural heritage, traditions, language, and national memory. Activists in the national movements of the enslaved peoples of russia who protest against kremlin distrimination are brutally persecuted, and often killed, by kremlin henchmen.

As a true empire – one of the last in the modern world – the rf  is also using the current large-scale war with Ukraine to exterminate the peoples enslaved by it. Even the official enemy statistician admits that deaths of russian indegenous peoples are much higher than those of ethnic russians.

Thus, moscow is actually carrying out genocide against its own indigenous peoples, throwing them to the front of war against Ukraine.

Today, we draw the world’s attention to russia’s crimes against the indigenous peoples of Ukraine and the enslaved peoples of the rf. From the imprisonment of its peoples, russia has long been a concentration camp of nations, and the sooner this concentration camp is dismantled, the better for a peaceful world and civilized humanity.

We call on the world to increase the pressure on russia by all possible means to force the putin regime to stop its armed aggression against Ukraine, liberate the occupied territories and stop the genocide of the peoples enslaved by moscow!

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