Rashists damaged ZNPP equipment: high risk of sputtering of radioactive substances and fire


Periodic shelling of the ZNPP by Russian troops with MLRS, starting last week, caused a serious risk to the safe operation of the plant.

“As a result of the attack on the Zaporizhzhia NPP, the emergency protection of one of the power units was activated – and one of the three working power units is now disconnected. During the shelling, the nitrogen-oxygen station, the combined auxiliary building, and the domestic sewage pumping station were seriously damaged. The open switchgear 750 kV (IDD-750),” the message says.

The Russian occupiers also fired at the fire station located outside the territory of the ZNPP and intended to protect it from fires and extinguish them in case of emergency situations at the station.

“Risks of hydrogen leakage and sputtering of radioactive substances remain, and the danger of fire is also high. In addition, three radiation monitoring sensors around the dry cask storage of ZNPP site were damaged. The Ukrainian staff of the plant continues to work and make every effort to ensure nuclear and radiation safety, as well as to eliminate the consequences of damage “, – emphasized in “Energoatom”.

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