Seventeen civilians killed in Russia’s missile strikes on Kharkiv


A total of 17 civilians have been killed in Russia’s late night and early morning missile strikes on the city of Kharkiv. Two more civilians were killed in Russia’s missile strike on the city of Krasnohrad.

The relevant statement was made by Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Head Oleh Syniehubov on Telegram, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“During the day, rescuers were dismantling the houses destroyed. Unfortunately, seven more bodies of victims were recovered from under the rubble. Hence, as of now, seventeen civilians have been killed in Kharkiv, including a boy born in 2009. Forty-two civilians were injured,” Syniehubov wrote.

A married couple was killed in their own house in Krasnohrad, as Russian missiles struck the city. Their 12-year-old daughter was thrown out of the house into the yard by the blast wave. She was seriously injured. Two more civilians were reported injured in the city.

Syniehubov called Russia’s massive missile strikes on Kharkiv and Krasnohrad a terrorist attack and a violation of any existing rules of war.

“Russian terrorists deliberately fired missiles at residential houses,” Syniehubov stressed.

According to Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office Spokesperson Dmytro Chubenko, four civilians were killed and 22 injured in Kharkiv’s Slobidskyi District, 13 killed and 20 injured in Kharkiv’s Saltivskyi District, two killed and three injured in Krasnohrad.

A reminder that, around 09:30 p.m., August 17, 2022, Russia’s Iskander missile hit a 3-storey residential house in Kharkiv’s Saltivskyi District. The house was destroyed completely, and a huge fire broke out. As of 03:00 p.m.,12 civilians were reported killed.

Around 05:00 a.m., August 18, 2022, Russian troops launched a missile strike on Kharkiv’s Slobidskyi District. Two S-300 missiles hit a tram depot, causing damage to a repair shop and dormitory. As of 03:00 p.m., three civilians were reported killed.

The enemy also launched a missile strike on the city of Krasnohrad. Over 10 detached houses were damaged, and some houses destroyed. Two civilians were reported killed and two injured.


Source: Seventeen civilians killed in Russia’s missile strikes on Kharkiv

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