World will never recognize attempts of Russian Federation to occupy territory of Ukraine, – Sholtz


The world did not recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea eight years ago, nor does it recognize attempts to annex new Ukrainian territories.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz of the Federal Republic of Germany stated this while addressing the participants of the second summit of the Crimean Platform

“The international community will never accept Russia’s illegal imperialist annexation of Ukrainian territory… We condemn Russia’s attempts to forcefully integrate parts of Ukrainian territories. Our message is clear: any shameful referendums and other attempts to change the status of parts of Ukrainian territory will never be recognized,” – emphasized the German politician.

He noted that “such steps will make any negotiations impossible.”

Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified war of aggression against Ukraine has met with strong opposition from the Ukrainian people, whose determination and courage are respected around the world, Scholz said.

Ukraine, as he noted, refused to submit to the rule of the strong, a situation where large powers can “swallow” smaller ones whenever they want.

The Summit of the Crimean Platform demonstrates that Ukraine’s partners are more united today than ever, Scholz is convinced. He called the holding of the summit more than timely and reminded that today the world commemorates the victims of Stalinism and fascism.

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