Defected Russian soldier describes life inside Putin’s war in Ukraine

В армії РФ з'явилися очевидні недоліки, що створюють можливості для ЗСУ / фото REUTERS

Pavel Filatyev was on the front lines on the first day of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, invading the currently occupied southern city of Kherson. Now, he has defected from the Russian military and is speaking out about the lies Russian soldiers were told and the way they were treated by their leaders.

His story mirrors the accounts of many others, especially when they were on military maneuvers and the next in Ukraine , the advance on Kiev ! duped into to thinking that they were liberating forces only to find that someone was actually shooting at them, and the locals shouting for them to leave , as for the state of their equipment that speaks for itself by the many pictures out there, note their ration boxes , ,many showing well out of date , the list is endless , but for sure now , the general staff are now under no illusions that the whole world has watched them being outed as all smoke and mirrors, a relic and fast becoming a spent force !

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