Sanctions and visa restrictions should make Russians feel price of aggression against Ukraine, – Zelensky


A consistent sanctions policy against Russia and visa restrictions for citizens of this state should make the aggressor feel the price of war and contribute to the strengthening of Ukraine’s position and, consequently, the achievement of peace.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said this during a conversation with the participants of the annual international economic forum “Ambrozetti”, іnforms Censor.NЕТ with reference to рress service of President’s Office. 

The head of state noted that recently partner countries have somewhat relaxed their sanctions policy against Russia.

“If before that the states were helping as much as they could, then today there is a ‘hummingbird effect’ in this assistance. We are standing still, sanctions are moving more slowly, the next packages are weaker. Russian tourists come to vacation in Italy, France, Spain, and then support the Russian invasion,” Zelensky said.

The President stressed that Russian society must feel the cost of the war, and then it will influence the political leadership.

“Ukraine’s strength is the way to a quick peace, because it will cause weakness in Russia. Strength both on the battlefield and support for our security, our army, sanctions support, support for our business and the exit of Western business from the territory of the Russian Federation. Not to support their budget today, not to support their economy, but to exit (from the Russian market. – Ed.),” the head of state said.

Zelensky noted that the Russian Federation ignores international law, the principles of international institutions and occupies the territories of other countries, so the Russians must feel the real consequences of such a policy.

“They cannot be treated in the same way as other tourists, as other people who are citizens of democratic states who live in peace, in the law and do not seize other territories, do not support the war with money,” the President emphasized.

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