Russians mined Kakhovka HPP back in April. Now locks and supports are being replaced, – Defence Intelligence

The Russian occupiers mined the dam of the Kahovka Reservoir ahead of time – the main works were carried out back in April.

This is reported by the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“The racists foresee the quick release by the Ukrainian Defense Forces of the right-bank part of the Kherson region and are preparing a series of terrorist attacks in this territory. In particular, the dam of the Kakhov reservoir and units of the Kakhov hydroelectric power plant are under threat of destruction.
At the same time, the detonation of the dam was planned in advance – the main mining work was carried out in April. During the current week, the locks and pillars of the Kakhovka HPP were additionally mined. 2 military tented “KAMAZs” without drivers are installed on the dam. Both cars are fully loaded with boxes of explosives,” the message reads.

Today, it is finally clear that the terrorist state is deliberately preparing terrorist attacks that will lead to catastrophic consequences. If these plans are implemented, dozens of Ukrainian settlements, including Kherson, will be hit by the elements. In this case, the scale of the ecological disaster will go far beyond the borders of Ukraine and affect the entire Black Sea region.

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