“Grain Agreement”: 76 ships are waiting for permission to enter ports of Ukraine

As part of the “grain initiative”, on Monday, November 21, three ships with agricultural products left Ukrainian ports, 76 are awaiting permission to enter.

The spokesman of the RMA, Serhii Bratchuk, said this in a commentary to Radio Liberty, Censor.NET informs.

“On Monday, three vessels left Ukrainian ports. They are transporting 90,428 tons of grain and other foodstuffs as part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative,” the official said.

In addition, three dry cargoes, which passed through the humanitarian corridor on Monday, are heading to Ukrainian ports.

“76 vessels are awaiting permission to enter the ports of Ukraine, and 33 loaded dry cargoes are being prepared for inspection in Turkish territorial waters to proceed to their destinations,” Bratchuk emphasized. Source: https://censor.net/en/n3382215

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