European Commission sends 40 electric generators to Ukraine

The European Commission has donated 40 powerful generators to Ukraine from the emergency rescEU reserves of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to help the country overcome the consequences of massive Russian attacks on energy infrastructure and ensure conditions for the survival of the country’s population in winter conditions.

According to Ukrinform, the European Commission said this in a statement posted on Twitter.

“Winter in Ukraine will be cold and dark, as Russia’s missiles continue to target vital energy infrastructure. We have mobilized our emergency #rescEU reserves to send 40 generators to Ukraine. This 220 kVA generator can provide power supply to an entire hospital,” the tweet reads.

Earlier, as part of the Civil Protection Mechanism, the EU sent another batch of emergency aid to Ukraine weighing 1,800 tonnes, including equipment for the energy sector, which was formed thanks to the efforts of Belgium, Finland, Germany, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Sweden.

The EU continues to provide Ukraine with humanitarian aid, which includes energy supplies, shelter items, first aid skits, protecting clothing, firefighting equipment, water trucks and buses amongst others. All EU Member States have sent support to Ukraine via the Mechanism.

Source: European Commission sends 40 electric generators to Ukraine

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