Father of perished sniper buys three cars for Army


The father of Stepan Habrus, a Ukrainian sniper who was killed in action in the war with Russia, bought three vehicles to hand them over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

That’s according to the Lviv-based military Draft Office, Ukrinform reports.

“Our children are our future so they deserve the best. My son can’t be returned, but there are others for whom we must fight on all fronts,” said Mr. Vasyl, the father of the fallen defender.

Stepan Habrus was born in 1986 and lived in the city of Skole, Lviv region. He fought in the Anti-Terrorist Operation, and after the full-scale Russian invasion, he became a sniper in one of the military units. He was killed in action on a combat mission on April 16.

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As Ukrinform reported, in December, the parents of Volodymyr Soltys, another soldier who died in the war, bought for the Army a vehicle, equipped with everything required for providing field medical assistance.

Photo: facebook.com/lvivobltck

Source: Father of perished sniper buys three cars for Army

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