Russian accomplice killed in Enerhodar car blast


Yevhenii Kuzmin, a former Ukrainian law enforcer who defected to the enemy, died as a result of a car explosion in Enerhodar, the satellite town that is home to most workers of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which has been occupied by Russian invasion forces.

The Executive Committee of the Berdiansk City Council reported the news via Telegram, according to Ukrinform.

“In Enerhodar, a collaborator Yevhenii Kuzmin was blown up. Before the occupation, he was a Ukrainian law enforcement officer, who then flipped to the enemy side. As a result of the explosion, the collaborator was killed, another car was damaged, and all the windows in a nearby building were shattered,” the report reads.

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The report was confirmed by the occupation forces in social media.

Earlier, it was reported that around 7:00, a vehicle exploded in the town of Enerhodar.

Source: Russian accomplice killed in Enerhodar car blast

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