Bild journalists come under Russian fire in Bakhmut


Journalists with the popular German publication Bild made a report from Bakhmut, while being under Russian fire.

The report was published on Sunday, February 12, Ukrinform saw.

People, including hundreds of children, who still remain in the front line city, could be bombed at any second, according to journalists.

“When you arrive in Bakhmut, you see this absurd, even crazy thing about the situation in the city: although people can be shot and killed at any time and in any place, thousands remain in the area,” says the author, who spoke with many inhabitants.

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“As we walk past the destroyed buildings, we ourselves witness Russian attacks: Russian soldiers fire grenade launchers into the neighborhood, where we’re interviewing residents… Russian warplanes are visible in the sky. It’s scary,” admits reporter Paul Ronzheimer, who spent three hours on the front line along with his colleagues.

As the report was being filmed, a shell exploded some 200 meters from the crew. The video shows how dangerous life is in the front line city.

Ronzheimer notes that “Bakhmut has become a symbol of Russia’s almost year-long war of aggression against Ukraine” and that the coming week, perhaps the next few days, may decide the fate of the city of 100,000.

As Ukrinform reported, the Ronzheimer group had already come under enemy fire. It happened last year near Lysychansk, when the journalists were traveling by car.

Paul Ronzheimer, a deputy editor-in-chief at Bild, was one of the first foreign journalists to interview President Volodymyr Zelensky after Russia unleashed the full-scale war.

Source: Bild journalists come under Russian fire in Bakhmut

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