Danilov insists Russia must be “decolonized” after Ukraine wins


The discussion of “dismantling” Russia should start as soon as possible as “decolonization” of the Russian Federation is the only safeguard against its neo-imperial encroachments.

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, wrote about this in his oped entitled “Russia’s internal decolonization is an inevitable process, which the world must accept,” reports Ukrinform.

“Russia is a patchwork colonial entity, which is bound together by the bloody paths of genocide, repression, mass killings, and enslavement. But the number of bayonets on which the Kremlin relies, is decreasing, while the destructive energy of discontent is growing in Russia. It’s high time for a serious conversation on how to safely dismantle Russia. The sooner the process starts, the faster and more painless it will go,” said Daniov.

In his opinion, it is Russia’s disintegration, its disappearance as an integral actor in history and politics that can become a safeguard against Russia’s imperial and post-imperial encroachments, and ensure that their attempts to finally resolve the “Ukrainian issue” will not be repeated in any way.

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Danilov emphasized that Russia poses a problem not only to Ukraine but also to the whole world as it is “spreading like gangrene.”

“Russia, with its autocratic regime, raw material-oriented economy, and neo-fascist ideology, once again failed to pass the civilization test, remaining a territory of continuous violence and evil, a threat to Ukraine and the world. Security guarantees include stripping Russia of a position of an independent actor as a state entity, decolonization of its territories, denuclearization, and de-Putinization of the population,” the NSDC secretary noted.

After Ukraine’s military victory, Danilov warns, Russia’s internal decolonization is needed. This, in his opinion, should be a complex, well-thought-out effort, which would include a number of thematic tracks: working out possible scenarios of internal disintegration of the Russian Federation; holding consultations and developing plans to minimize the risks of uncontrolled proliferation of nuclear, biological, chemical, and other weapons of mass destruction; developing a political strategy for interaction with new political territorial entities; drafting an economic model of interaction taking into account the potential and capabilities of new trade entities; establishing contacts and training administrations of national and regional republics; developing the civil society support network; creating and popularizing media platforms to support anti-colonial movements within Russia; working out the system of lustration, search, and extradition to Ukrainian and international law enforcement of war criminals, traitors, and collaborators; implementing the mechanism of war-related damage compensation to Ukraine from the former Russia.

According to Danilov, Ukraine should accustom the world to the idea that Russia must not remain within its current borders and in the state in which it currently exists.

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“Truly large-scale ideas, as a rule, first spark distrust, skepticism, and criticism from various sides, rejection and denial; but gradually, if you are consistent and persistent in advancing your position, the stage of emotional rejection is replaced by that of rational analysis, and later – that of accepting this as a new reality, planning, and implementation,” believes the NSDC secretary.

If a precedent must be set for the sake of all mankind, this must be done. If it is necessary to find new non-standard approaches and tools, this will be done, Danilov claims.

As reported by Ukrinform, Oleksiy Danilov reacted to the words Russia’s Security Council deputy chief Dmitry Medvedev, who claimed Ukraine developments are going “by the Korean scenario” and that the country would be divided along the conventional parallel. In response, the NSDC secretary stated that Ukraine is no Korea and that no scenarios imposed by external forces will work in Ukraine.

Source: Danilov insists Russia must be “decolonized” after Ukraine wins

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