Russian companies opening representative offices in captured Luhansk region


Russian companies have begun to open representative offices in the temporarily occupied areas of Luhansk region.

“Companies from Russia are opening their representative offices in occupied Luhansk region and quickly absorb local competitors. In particular, the so-called “state bank of the LPR” for some reason has decided to join one of the Russian ones. Together with all the customers whom no one asked for,” the Luhansk Regional Military Administration wrote on Telegram.

The regional administration emphasized that “it’s now the turn of mobile network companies as well. The mobile network operators continue to provide services, but the Russian government has already instructed that a single mobile operator be created in the so-called “LPR”, “DPR”, as well as in the captured territories of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions.” Thus, the locals were given a hint that these operators, as well as some other businesses, would no longer work there.

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In addition, in Sieverodonetsk, under the guise of restoration works, teams of male workers continue to open apartments without the owners’ permission. City residents note that not only small things and household appliances disappear during inspections of apartments of citizens who have evacuated. “They [workers] even manage to disassemble and remove such structures as a wardrobe or kitchen furniture, which requires more than one hour of work. In exchange, in some cases, they install batteries or a window, even if you have it and it is unbroken,” the administration wrote.

As reported by Ukrinform, Russians officially turned off the mobile Internet in the captured part of Luhansk region. Moreover, the invaders are massively checking children’s smartphones in schools.


Source: Russian companies opening representative offices in captured Luhansk region

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