Russia unable to swiftly restore equipment damaged on battlefield – ISW


Russia is incapable of quickly repairing its military hardware that sustained damage in the war zone.

That’s according to Institute for the Study of War, a U.S.-based think tank, Ukrinform reports.

“Russia’s inability to reconstruct spent mechanized material in the short term further restricts the Russian military’s mechanized maneuver warfare capabilities,” ISW states.

It is noted that at least two-thirds of Russia’s tanks were either destroyed or damaged in the course of the ongoing war.

“Russia’s costly military campaign in Ukraine has likely significantly depleted Russian equipment and manpower reserves necessary to sustain a successful large-scale offensive in eastern Ukraine,” the report reads.

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Meanwhile, the timely Western provisions of tanks and armored vehicles to Ukraine would further offset Russia’s ability to conduct mechanized warfare as Russia struggles to restart its defense production in the immediate term, analysts stress.

“Ukraine likely continues to have a window of opportunity to initiate large-scale counteroffensives over the next few months, but its ability to do so likely rests heavily on the speed and scale at which the West provides it the necessary materiel, particularly tanks and armored vehicles,” ISW notes.

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As Ukrinform reported earlier, EU High Representative Josep Borrell said at the NATO headquarters in Brussels ahead of the NATO defense ministerial and Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting on Tuesday that today there are no signs that Russia intends to stop its brutal aggression against Ukraine, so the EU and its NATO partners will continue to provide all assistance required to help Ukraine withstand Russia’s onslaught.

Source: Russia unable to swiftly restore equipment damaged on battlefield - ISW

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