Biggest risk of all is if Putin wins – Stoltenberg

Considering the risks that arise in Russia’s war against Ukraine, the biggest risk of all is if Putin wins.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated this at the Munich Security Conference, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“There are no risk-free options. But, the biggest risk of all is if Putin wins,” Stoltenberg said.

Putin’s victory would be not only a tragedy for Ukraine, and not only a challenge for Europe, but also a global challenge, Stoltenberg said.

Therefore, according to him, it is in the interests of the partners to sustain and step up support to Ukraine.

Stoltenberg noted that NATO and the West make every effort to engage Russia in diplomacy, even a year ago at the Munich conference there were calls for Putin to refrain from invading Ukraine, “but Putin chose to attack.”

“Putin is not planning for peace. He is planning for more war. New offensives.  And there are no indications he has changed his ambitions. He is mobilising hundreds of thousands of troops,” Stoltenberg said.

He also stressed that Putin is reaching out to other authoritarian regimes to get more weapons.

“So we must give Ukraine what they need to win and prevail as a sovereign, independent nation in Europe,” Stoltenberg said.

In addition, he said that NATO should also strengthen its own defense. Spending more on defence means less money for other important tasks, “but nothing is more important than our security,” Stoltenberg noted.

The Munich Security Conference takes place from February 17 to 19, 2023.

Photo: NATO

Source: Biggest risk of all is if Putin wins - Stoltenberg

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