Blinken: No doubt about Ukraine’s victory as it is fighting for its future


U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed firm confidence that Ukraine will achieve victory over Russia in the ongoing war.

“We have no doubt at all about Ukraine’s victory and success. And there’s a simple, powerful reason for that,” Blinken said at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

He explained that irrespective of the support the West is providing to Ukraine, “the biggest single difference is that Ukrainians are fighting for their own country for their future for their land.”

“The Russians are not and that will be the biggest thing,” the U.S. Secretary of State stressed.

In this context, Blinken supported the statement made by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock about a fair and stable peace that should be established after the victory of Ukraine.

Fair peace must comply with the principles of the UN Charter, the U.S. top diplomat added.

He also said that the forceful seizure of another country’s territory fundamentally runs counter to the interests of anyone in the civilized world. If this is allowed, then Pandora’s box will open and every potential aggressor will make a conclusion: if Russia got away with it, we will get away with it too. This, Blinken emphasized, could become a recipe for transforming the current peaceful order into a world of conflict.

Lasting peace, according to the U.S. diplomat, means that no matter when the war ends, the world must do everything possible to prevent Russia from resorting to aggression again a year or five years later. For this, it is necessary to provide Ukraine with the ability to deter aggression and, if necessary, to effectively defend against it.

In this regard, Blinken pointed to the need to think about what the post-war future will be like to guarantee security and stability for Ukrainians, as well as security and stability in Europe.

Photo: Munich Security Conference

Source: Blinken: No doubt about Ukraine's victory as it is fighting for its future

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