Reznikov on warplanes for Ukraine: Issue already resolved


First there was a “tank initiative,” then there was a “tank coalition,” and a similar initiative regarding aircraft already exists. All that remains is to fill this “aircraft coalition” with content.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov spoke of this at a Kyiv briefing, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“At first there was a ‘tank initiative,’ conceived in certain heads, and it was worked out, then the ‘tank coalition’ came. The same, believe me, is going on with warplanes. The initiative already exists. It remains to fill this ‘aircraft coalition’ with content,” the minister said.

According to Reznikov, long-range capabilities are things that Ukraine can already use with certain launchers, which the army already has. “Further questions, let’s put it this way, we will resolve,” he added.

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Reznikov is convinced that Ukraine needs to develop own production.

“We have wonderful Neptunes. We have a great production. Our military industry, both private and public, believe me, is not standing idle as the work continues. Therefore, just as we convinced others with our Neptunes, we need to be provided with anti-ship Harpoons, we are also already convincing many others (regarding a number of things — ed.) so that’s why they give us a lot,” said the minister.

As the head of the Defense Ministry added, the issue of long-range missiles is a question of a technical nature, not a political one.

“The issue of the air platform, like a warplane, is still a little political, but by and large, I already know and feel for sure, consider it already resolved. It’s just a matter of choosing the best platform to be the main, base one. This is a fundamental task,” he said.

According to Reznikov, it is necessary to stop Russia’s domination in the sky, to prevent the Russians from launching a counteroffensive and to prepare Ukraine’s own counteroffensive.

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“I mean, it’s still a defense system. And we explain it to our partners: that we are exercising our right to self-defense under the UN charter. And they have already heard us out. They have no doubt that this (for example, shelling — ed.) is another level of escalation, that the Russians will do something there (do — ed.). No,” he said.

The minister noted that now there is a question of pragmatic assessment — what spare parts are available, which maintenance crews will more easily train ours, what weapons will we use, and so on. “Actually speaking, this is a matter of choosing the best solution,” the official assured.

Separately, Reznikov specified that the Russians always do something that, on the contrary, in his opinion, strengthens the anti-Kremlin coalition.

“I remember very well October 10, when there was a massive missile attack on Ukraine, when I just arrived at Ramstein. And even before that, I had, let’s say, doubts whether I would be able to convince the ministers to simply move on air defenses so quickly. But October 10 gave me such obvious arguments that everything moved forward instantly. And so it happens every time. They (the Russians themselves — ed.) every time give arguments to our partners that we need more help, precisely for the sake of victory (of Ukraine — ed.),” said the head of the MoD.

As reported, Reznikov said that the Ramstein meeting was useful and fruitful, proving that, in fact, the anti-Kremlin coalition already consists of 54 countries.

Source: Reznikov on warplanes for Ukraine: Issue already resolved

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