“International Legion. The Bordeless Will”

“International Legion. The Bordeless Will”. The premiere of the documentary film about the special unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In March 2022, the International Legion began to acacomplish combat tasks. The ranks of the Legion continue to be filled with volunteers from more than 50 countries of the world, and Ukraine gratefully accepts help from foreign defenders. “International Legion.

The Bordeless Will” tells the stories of brave volunteers who joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to defend the independence of our country. Gary came from Scotland, knew about Russia’s war against Ukraine since 2014 and joined the Legion in early March 2022. He speaks very unambiguously about Russians: — Since I came here, I realized that they don’t care who they are after.

It is not important for them that there are civilians in the cities, they just open fire. For them [Russians], human deaths do not matter at all. We do everything possible to save people and help them. Legion fighter Eric believes that the main problem of the Russians is their ego. After all, they will not be able to come to terms with their defeat in Ukraine: — Obviously, they are not fighting with NATO troops. Their ego could accept defeat from NATO, but it cannot accept defeat from Ukraine. Pen is in his early 20’s, he is from Greece.

At first, the man wanted to volunteer, but when he saw with his own eyes what was really happening in Ukraine, he took up arms and joined the Legion. Pen urges not to neglect the plight of other people and to always look for opportunities to help: — The war will not always take place somewhere far away, on the other side of the world. It can happen to your country, to your city, to your people. And when that happens, you may not be able to take care of yourself. Therefore, you will most likely ask for help from others and expect them to help you.

So if you can, help others. Max left his studies in Brazil to join the fight for the freedom of Ukraine and the entire free world: — Considering what I saw here — these are war crimes and genocide. Because they bomb civilian targets where there are no military personnel. There is no doubt that Vladimir Putin must take the responsibility for this. Michal previously served in the Armed Forces of Poland. The fighter plans to return after Ukraine’s victory: — The more weapons are provided to Ukraine, the sooner the war will end. Look at the problems people have in Ukraine, how much the industry has suffered compared to European countries. Supporting Ukraine is just paying 10% more for milk or bread. It’s nothing.

Legion fighters are convinced that the world should continue to support Ukraine, because this is a matter of democracy and freedom for the whole world, not just for one country. The authors of the film express special thanks to the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense.

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