Bulgaria hands over 100 armored vehicles to Ukraine


Bulgarian authorities announced on Thursday that they transferred 100 armored vehicles to Ukraine as part of the largest military aid package.

That’s according to Euractiv, Ukrinform reports.

“The Ukrainians will ensure this technique is useful to them,” said Bulgarian MP from the Democratic Bulgaria party Ivaylo Mirchev.

This is the first official Bulgarian decision to provide Kyiv with heavy equipment, the government noted.

The military equipment provided to Ukraine was purchased by Bulgaria 40 years ago to carry out the so-called Revival process, namely the totalitarian regime’s attempt to assimilate Bulgarian Turks by changing their names.

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The decision on the armored vehicles was announced a week after President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky visited Bulgaria.

The provision of the infantry fighting vehicles by Sofia was the first military aid package to be made public. Before that, all reports of military supplies from Bulgaria to Ukraine were unofficial.

Bulgaria is one of the few NATO member states that has a large number of Soviet weapons and equipment, as well as ammunition, which are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As Ukrinform reported, Germany handed over another military aid to Ukraine. 

Photo: Tamas Vasvari/EPA/EFE

Source: Bulgaria hands over 100 armored vehicles to Ukraine

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