Many Crimean occupiers take their families out of Crimea – Yusov


Many occupiers have already taken their families out of Crimea.

Representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Andriy Yusov said this on the air of the national marathon “United News”.

“People who are not involved in the occupation of Ukrainian territories and committing war crimes should avoid using such dangerous illegal structures as the bridge across the Kerch Strait. This facility is used by the aggressor to transfer forces and resources, kill Ukrainians and Ukrainian defenders, and continue the occupation of Ukrainian territories. Therefore, it would be a mistake to think that it will be fine in the future,” Yusov said.

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Commenting on the explosions in the temporarily occupied Crimea, he noted that “the mood among the representatives of the occupation administration is not improving as a result of these events.”

“Many of them have already taken their families out. Some did not do it because they are not allowed to. The enemy is forming a strong understanding that Crimea is definitely not their rear and not a safe territory. This understanding is correct. It is still in their power to leave the Ukrainian peninsula as soon as possible,” the DIU representative emphasized.

As Ukrinform reported, on the night of July 17, one of the sections of the bridge across the Kerch Strait collapsed. It was preceded by explosions.

On July 20, explosions were heard near the airfields in the villages of Hvardiysk and Novofedorivka in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

On the night of July 24, drones hit an ammunition depot of the Russian invaders in the Dzhankoi district.

Source: Many Crimean occupiers take their families out of Crimea - Yusov

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