SBU exposes 31 more enemy accomplices involved in torturing Ukrainians


The Security Service of Ukraine identified 31 more collaborators who had joined the so-called “headquarters of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs” created by the aggressor in the temporarily captured part of Kherson region.

The SBU reported this on Telegram, according to Ukrinform.

There they were assigned to the Novokakhovka and Oleshki units of the so-called “Russian police”. The personnel was selected under the “supervision” of FSB operatives.

While in positions assigned, the turncoats took part in the punitive action that the Russians unleashed against the members of the local underground resistance movement.

The perpetrators accompanied their actions by mass abductions and looting.

The facts where local residents were imprisoned in Russian torture chambers, set up in temporarily occupied buildings, have been recorded.

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People were subjected to brutal torture in attempts to persuade them to cooperate with the invaders.

Collaborators also used repression to intimidate residents and ensure that they cast their votes at the hoax referendum on the region’s “accession” to the Russian Federation.

Based on the evidence gathered, SBU investigators pressed charges against 31 perpetrators under Art. 111-1 Part 7 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (collaborative activity).

The suspects are hiding from justice in the temporarily captured part of southern Ukraine. Comprehensive measures are underway to hold those responsible accountable.

According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, among the suspects are four former National Police officers, who voluntarily sided with the enemy.

They assumed pseudo-positions in the illegal law enforcement body – the “Oleshki District Police Department of the Main Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kherson Region”, set up by the Russian invaders.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, a Kherson region resident will be tried for tipping the Russian occupation forces on his fellow villagers.

Source: SBU exposes 31 more enemy accomplices involved in torturing Ukrainians

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