Brazil’s president says Moscow, Kyiv ignore his ‘peace plan’


Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has said his country is working to achieve peace in Ukraine, but neither the Russian leader nor the Ukrainian president are prepared to talk peace.

That’s according to Reuters, Ukrinform reports.

“Neither Putin nor Zelensky are ready,” Lula told foreign correspondents in a news conference, adding that peace proposals he is seeking with other countries will be ready when Russia and Ukraine are willing to negotiate.

“Brazil’s role is to try to arrive at a peace proposal together with others for when both countries want it,” he said.

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At the same time, he lashed out at the Western powers backing Ukraine and the permanent UN Security Council members for not stopping war.

Lula said the G7 group of advanced economies should no longer exist since the creation of the larger G20 group of leading and emerging economies.

Lula said earlier that the world was “tired” of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Zelensky said in an interview with Latin American media that he was interested in meeting with the Brazilian president to discuss the current situation.

He also said he considered the position by some world leaders about “war fatigue” to be dishonest.

Source: Brazil's president says Moscow, Kyiv ignore his 'peace plan'

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