Germany sends IRIS-T launchers to Ukraine


Germany has provided Ukraine with a new military aid package that, among other things, includes launchers for the IRIS-T SLS air defense system.

This follows from the updated list of military support for Ukraine, which has been published on the German government’s website, Ukrinform reports.

Germany handed over two such IRIS-T SLS launchers to Ukraine. Earlier reports said that two IRIS-T SLM air defense systems were already protecting Ukrainian airspace.

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The package also includes over 4,500 rounds of 155mm smoke ammunition, ten GO12 ground surveillance radars, four 8×8 HX81 truck tractor trains, four semi-trailers for them, and eight 15-tonne load-handling trucks.

Germany is the second largest provider of military aid to Ukraine after the United States.

Source: Germany sends IRIS-T launchers to Ukraine

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