#StandWithUkraine – World Ukrainism gave a tough response to Putin

The Ukrainian diaspora unitedly took to the streets and held numerous actions in support of Ukraine
In response to the Kremlin’s ultimatums and the threat of large-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine, world Ukraine rallied under the slogan #StandWithUkraine and held numerous mass peaceful events in the world’s cities.
On February 5-6, the World Congress of Ukrainians organized powerful, emotional, sincere actions under the yellow and blue flags of Ukrainian communities around the world in support of Ukraine.

The leaders of the Ukrainian communities and participants in the events condemned Putin’s aggressive intentions towards the Ukrainian state and Russia’s accumulation of forces and resources on the Russian-Ukrainian border. Some messages were sent to the media calling for truthful information about Russia’s war against Ukraine, not to spread Kremlin fakes.Thanks to such measures, Ukraine is becoming even stronger. Ukrainians, whether by citizenship, blood, or choice, in speaking for peace, are determined to resist Putin’s aggression.
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Action of Ukrainians in the USA

Action of Ukrainians in Canada

Action of Ukrainians in Finland

International action in Kiev

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