The provocation of the occupiers in Stanytsia Luhanska – how to behave and what will be the response of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

On February 17, 2022, against the background of the escalation of the war with Russia, militants of the occupying forces fired on a kindergarten in Stanytsia Luhanska, which is located in the territory controlled by Ukraine. There were children in the kindergarten during the shelling, and two teachers had concussions.

Why did they fire at the kindergarten?
Everything is simple. The occupiers are trying to start a “great war”, the reason for which, according to their plan, will be the response of the Armed Forces to such a terrorist act. Realizing that Russia has lost to the United States in the political space and is now not going to recognize or accept the so-called “LDNR”, the militants decided to provoke the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will be the reason for Russia to launch an offensive.

The terrorist attack in Stanytsia Luhanska is just one of many cases in recent days. Militants launched provocative shelling across the line of contact. A total of 35 shellings from various weapons.

What to do with it?
First and foremost – do not panic.
Our military has been defending our state for the eighth year in a row, they are already able to accept any challenges and under any circumstances to responsibly carry out the orders of the command.

Secondly, the fact that the occupiers are beasts without honor and dignity is a long-known fact that will not surprise anyone. So it’s too late to wonder how you can shoot at children.

And the last…
We have a strong army, a strong nation and a strong state. We will overcome all challenges and punish the killers and terrorists.

Glory to Ukraine! 

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