Save the State: The Armed Forces are working according to plan!

Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainians have been living in a state of war for eight years now. The situation on the front line is changing every day. Occupying forces constantly resort to provocations, create, and disseminate fake information. All this is being done to undermine Ukraine’s credibility and accuse it of violating the Minsk agreements.

The information space of the whole world resembles a battlefield, where either concentration and trust, or panic and fear win.

Almost every day, all the world’s news outlets publish a new date for Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine. You know, it’s very reminiscent of a time when pseudo-experts used to calculate the end of the world almost every day. In addition, what a miracle, many years have passed, and humankind is still alive.

However, despite the global panic, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Main Intelligence Directorate, the Homeland Defense, and the President of Ukraine continue to work and remain calm.

Why is that?

Firstly, the war has been going on for eight years, and during that time the Ukrainian army has grown significantly stronger and bigger. It’s not easy to scare her anymore.

In 2014 in Ukraine:

  • there were almost no people with experience in hot spots;
  • there was no clear plan for what to do if escalation began;
  • there was no such number and variety of weapons;
  • there was little tempered national consciousness among the citizens of Ukraine;
  • there were no close ties with other countries that could support us not only in words.

In 2022, Ukraine has:

  • More than 400,000 people who have combat experience, went through the hell of war, and know the enemy better than he does.
  • The armed forces are led by real combat commanders who know what it’s like to bury your comrades.
  • Ongoing support from partner countries, 15 aircraft from the United States arrived in Ukraine in the fall along with new weapons and ammunition. Military aid is constantly arriving from other countries: Great Britain, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and others.
  • Training our military in new methods of combat and possession of weapons from our partners in other countries. Defenders improve their knowledge and skills every day.
  • Support NATO and the military, which is constantly monitoring the movement of Russian troops.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine are now on full alert.
  • Ukrainians who understand what war is and what it is worth to defend their lands. The level of national consciousness among Ukrainians has significantly increased.

Secondly, the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine have their action plan both in the event of a full-scale war and in the event of any provocation by the occupying forces.

Armed Forces of Ukraine

Early planning and the successful response of our Armed Forces of Ukraine can be equated to the situation in Paris when the roof of the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was on fire.

All the citizens of France were shocked, and the whole world was worried about the process of saving the Council. Posts from prominent politicians, cultural figures, and presidents tore twitter apart.
Everyone wrote what should be done to firefighters who were there and saved the monument from destruction.

But firefighters had a pre-planned plan to save the oldest building in Paris. They knew exactly what they had to do and did their job despite the words of others, their recommendations, and assumptions. All that mattered to them was their goal of preserving the Council, and they didn’t care what others thought of them or what developments they came up with. They had to save the building and protect their plan of action from outside influence. As a result, Notre Dame de Paris was saved and it did not burn.

Exactly by the same analogy, the Armed Forces of Ukraine react to the provocations of the occupiers. They know accurately what they will do in any possible situation. In the end, they can respond correctly and wisely to provocations and will also be able to repel any enemy attack in the future.

But not only our military destiny depends on our military, but also each of us.

Why is Russia withdrawing its troops and then withdrawing them?
Why makes loud but very different statements?
Why spread fakes and create cyberattacks?

Then, let`s analyze and evaluate the situation with a cold mind! Russia is only creating general panic and instilling fear in everyone. The Kremlin needs to keep everything under control, and there is no better tool for them than fear and panic.

Only without panic and trusting our defenders will we save Ukraine and preserve its territorial integrity. Everything depends on the reaction of each of us!

Source: Ukrainian Information Center

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