There are 31 fire exclusion zone, and pollution is rising – Ministry of the Environment

In the exclusion zone near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, 31 fires were detected on a total area of 10,111 hectares, and radioactive contamination is increasing.

“As a result of hostilities and the burning of forests and bogs of the exclusion zone by the Russian invaiders , the level of radioactive air pollution is increasing.”

“At present, satellite data indicate the occurrence of 31 outbreaks of large fires in natural ecosystems and abandoned villages of the exclusion zone, amounting to a total area of more than 10,111 hectares.”

The Ministry noted that fires in the exclusion zone have large radiological risks. Before the large-scale Russian invasion, the radiation background there was under control with the help of an automated radiation monitoring system at 39 points. Such control and extinguishing of fires is impossible for now due to the occupation by Russian troops.

It is reported that satellite images from NASA and the European Space Agency ESA help capture large fires. However, the ministry does not exclude the existence of a significant number of fire sources.

“…thanks to favorable weather conditions, the fires are now self-extinguishing. However, due to a number of factors, an increase of the number and area of fires is forecasted in the near future. We do not exclude that under unfavorable conditions the fires will become catastrophic as in 2020”, – the report says.

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