Occupiers spread fakes to divert attention from their atrocities

Russian fakes are similar to Russian TV series: cheap, vulgar, predictable and with poor acting.

Staged videos appear on anonymous telegram channels: either about alleged ill-treatment of captured invaders, or about injuring and even murdering the occupiers. Often, the primary source is pro-Russian communities on social media, directly managed by Russian special services and Russian MoD.

Why such publications appear? It’s simple – the atrocities of Russian occupiers have already shocked the whole world so much that they undermine all the myths about the ‘liberators’. So, their purpose is to shift the emphasis and try to convince the audience that it is the Ukrainian military that is allegedly abusing prisoners. In addition, they want to frighten their own soldiers so that they do not surrender.

Such accusations are outright lies. And numerous videos and even public press conferences with Russian prisoners easily refute them.

We underscore: our defenders, of course, are not going to pity the occupiers and offer them coffee and cakes. They are beating the invaders in battle. But prisoners of war, taken by our military, are treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention.

Although confessions of the occupiers themselves, in particular about looting and rape, – are evidence of real war crimes that only ruscists can commit.

The Ukrainian military have a completely different approach! Because we are on our land, which we defend with dignity.

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