Can Putin Be Overthrown Or Stopped? Assassinations & Arrests Offer Clues On Who Putin Fears Most

The war in Ukraine has put more scrutiny on Vladimir Putin’s long and brutal record of jailing his opposition, killings, and other atrocities, including a new arrest of a figure who has opposed Putin’s leadership and, specifically, the war in Ukraine. In this special report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber traces Putin’s record as a brutal dictator, detailing Putin’s censorship; crackdown; and a series of attacks, assassinations, and poisonings — drawing on reporting, archival footage, and Melber’s interview with a former Russian billionaire who was bankrupted, indicted, jailed and exiled by Putin. The report also explores living figures who could pose a challenge to Putin, and how the courage of so many dissident Russians might inspire a stronger response to Putin abroad.

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