“I heard them torturing people from other cells, poor screaming in pain and then just shooting them,” student from Mariupol said of what Russians do to those who try to leave the city.

20-year-old Azerbaijani Hussein Abdullayev, a third-year student at Mariupol State University. On March 17, during the evacuation, he was taken prisoner by the Russian military. He was released on April 12 due to negotiations.

“-How many days have you been in captivity?”

– In total, I spent 25 days there. They put me down and tied my hands. They began to ask questions, at first exerting moral pressure, trying to force me to admit that I was a soldier of the Azov Regiment. I insisted that I was a student. They began to threaten me that if I did not want to speak kindly, it would be bad. They connected the device to my toes and began to discharge painful electric shocks. They wanted me to admit that I was in the military. But I had nothing to say, I did not lie to them, because I’m just a student…

– How often were you tortured?

– Every day. On March 21, I had a birthday and I was tortured all day. Torture was suspended only 5-6 days before an agreement was reached and I was released. No more electric discharges, but continued to beat … As a rule, 10-15 people were beaten at once. But it’s not the worst, I was more afraid of electricity.

-As a rule, the torture lasted 20-30 minutes and they beat for an hour. Torture was repeated three times a day. Sometimes I fainted, cold water was poured on me and I continued to be bullied.

– How many people were in the cell?

– Serhii Nazarov, a major of the Mariupol SES, Edik Krostov, an employee of one of the factories, and Oleksiy Lustov, a volunteer, were taken prisoner with me.

– How were they treated?

– They were mocked even worse. Especially over the volunteer. Because the boy had a tattoo on his leg, they beat him so that his leg was very swollen. He had heart problems, an attack started, I tried to help him, and then I was beaten even harder. As a rule, they did not hit him in the face, but for some reason it did not apply to Edik Krostov. When we saw it, there was no living space on it. And Serhii Nazarov’s body was constantly electrocuted and videotaped.

– Do you know anything about the fate of those who were in the same cell with you?

– Edik Krostov was released before me, he was sent to the Crimea. That’s what we were told. I don’t know for sure whether this is true or not. He may have been killed. I don’t believe they will be left alive … You know, I heard them torturing people from other cells, the poor screamed in pain, and then they just shot them. There was silence.

– Do you plan to return to Azerbaijan?

– I plan to come home soon

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