Czech Republic gives Ukraine attack helicopters


The Czech Republic has supplied to Ukraine a number of attack helicopters and, together with Slovakia, is currently repairing dozens of armored vehicles, which will return to combat once restored.

This was reported on Tuesday by The Wall Street Journal with reference to the Pentagon, Ukrinform wrote.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has thanked the Czech government for their contribution, the newspaper said.

It is specified that the Ukrainian side received Soviet-made Mi-24 attack helicopters, which have already been sent to Ukraine in the context of joint efforts to reclaim its airspace.

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In addition, the Czech Republic and Slovakia received several batches of armored vehicles from Ukraine to restore them before they can be used in combat again.

These steps mark a significant increase in Western support for Ukraine in its efforts to repel Russian aggression.

In April, the Czech Republic became the first NATO country to report the transfer of tanks to Ukraine. Now it is the first to announce the supply of attack helicopters to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Source: Czech Republic gives Ukraine attack helicopters

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