Russian paratrooper unit liquidated in Ukraine’s south


In the southern direction, the Ukrainian military has killed 39 Russian invaders and destroyed at least 11 units of military equipment over the past 24 hours.

This was announced on Facebook by Operational Command South, Ukrinform reports.

“Having no success in advancing on land, the enemy is testing our position’s defenses by helicopter strikes from the air. In response, our Mi-8 struck at an enemy group in Kherson region, and our Su-27 – at the ammunition depot and the accumulation of enemy hardware in Mykolayiv region. While exploring the route of advance into the occupied Kherson region, our reconnaissance group destroyed a unit of ruscist paratroopers, seizing their weapons and communication means,” the statement said.

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In total, Ukrainian defenders eliminated 39 Russian invaders and destroyed at least 11 units of equipment over the past day, including a T-62 tank, four armored vehicles, three trucks, a Borisoglebsk-2 e-warfare complex, and two Msta-B howitzers. The field ammunition depot in the Davydiv Brid area was also hit.

Navigation is blocked in the Black Sea Operational Zone, while enemy warships keep almost the entire territory of Ukraine under threat of missile strikes.

Four surface ships and two submarines are carrying 40 Kalibr cruise missiles. Next to them are two large landing ships,” said the Command.

As reported, anti-aircraft missile forces have already shot down 500 enemy targets.

Photo: Command of the Airborbne Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Source: Russian paratrooper unit liquidated in Ukraine’s south

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