Russians powerless to stop resistant movement, so try to invent new ways

The partisans are fighting to prevent Russia’s hold over Kherson becoming permanent: to block a referendum that Moscow appears to be planning to stage. Russia has already introduced the rouble and its own mobile phone networks to the region and is pumping its propaganda from state-run TV channels into Ukrainian homes.

Russians are powerless to stop the resistant movement, so try to invent the new ways

In Kherson, at the checkpoints, the Russian military massively use technology to restore destroyed information on a smartphone.

This was announced by the first deputy head of the regional council Yuriy Sobolevsky on the air of the telethon. “Recently, there are reports that Russians are massively using technology to restore deleted information on a smartphone. They don’t just look at it, but connect it to a laptop, and have the opportunity to restore information that was deleted from the phone – correspondence, photos, etc.” , – he said. Sobolevsky noted that the terror of the Russians against the Ukrainians is intensifying. New information about the disappearance or deportation of people appears every day, and the resistance movement in the city continues.

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