Russian hackers and cyberattacks as a part of war against Ukraine and the West

Cyberwar is an important part of Russian aggression against Ukraine, and after the start of the large-scale invasion, it only intensified. Russia keeps using cyber instruments as a full-fledged weapon in its war not only against Ukraine but against the whole civilized world since the Kremlin targets also Western critical infrastructure and big companies around the globe.

Also, attempts to hack Ukrainian TV channels and radio stations were made. Such actions were aimed to sow panic in the Ukrainian society and share disinformative messages with threats to Ukraine’s sovereignty as well as its’ citizens and their personal data Russian hackers attacked the websites of government institutions, including the Diia e-government platform, the ministry of foreign affairs and the education ministry, and also central and regional authority websites. However, the Ukrainian cyber army fights back and strengthens the resistance.

Speaker: Roman Osadchuk, Research Assistant for Eurasia at Atlantic Council Digital Forensic Research Lab

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