Rashists in Kherson organize night raids and look for partisans, – Sobolevsky


In the temporarily occupied Kherson, the Russian invaders again carried out searches and detentions at night. This is a form of intimidation of local residents to force them to cooperate.

“At night, they (the occupiers. – Ed.) conducted their raids again, there were searches again… In fact, every day, every night, such information appears that they were coming for someone,” he said.

According to him, there are many Russian invaders in Kherson – they are also employees of the FSB and the Russian Guard, and they are nervous against the background of the fact that the Armed Forces control the logistics routes. That is why the enemy terrorizes the civilian population, carrying out night searches and detentions.

Sobolevsky noted that the occupiers are looking for members of the resistance movement, partisans and those who help the Armed Forces of Ukraine with information. In addition, they are interested in teachers, heads of educational institutions, doctors – people who refuse to cooperate with the enemy. This is a form of intimidation, noted the first deputy chairman of the regional council.

“They understand very well that everyone will later know that they came for this person, that they took him away, that he spent a certain amount of time in a cell. And in this way, they try to force people to cooperate where it is absolutely necessary,” he said.

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