Rashists in occupied Kherson region continue to prepare for “referendum”, – Sobolevsky


In the Kherson region, the Russian invaders continue preparations for a pseudo-referendum despite the fact that the population does not support them.

“They (the Russian occupiers. – Ed.) have already made so many political investments, let’s say, in the Kherson region, that they can no longer stop… that’s why they continue to prepare for this show. In any case, this is not a referendum, it’s… a show” , – he emphasized.

According to Sobolevsky, the occupiers cannot report to Moscow that the population of the region does not support and hates them.

Also, he continued, the occupiers are trying to prepare premises where “district commissions” will be placed, to recruit people to work in them in order to open at least some number of commissions and make a picture. But there are also very big problems with this, because the local population does not support the pseudo-referendum, in addition, people know that there is criminal responsibility for participating in the preparation of such a “show”

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