Defense intelligence commandos destroyed warehouse of ballots for “referendum” and FSB base in Kamianets-Dniprovsk

Fighters of the Special Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine conducted a special operation in the temporarily occupied Kamianets-Dniprovsk (Vasylivskyi district of Zaporizhzhya region). As a result, a number of objects that the occupiers used as bases were destroyed and significantly damaged.

“Fires continue in several premises, which the occupiers cannot put out for a long time. In particular, the State Treasury Department. The place where ballots were stored for the pseudo-referendum was destroyed. At the same time, the warehouse was blown up by an explosion from inside the premises. All available printed materials were destroyed.

Along with this, the base of the unit of the Russian FSB, which guarded the warehouse of ballots, was destroyed. The exact number of killed and wounded is being clarified. The survivors and the wounded are being urgently evacuated in the direction of the occupied Crimea,” the message reads.

Intelligence reports indicate that the occupiers have imposed a strict curfew in the city from 7:00 a.m. Military helicopters were spotted over the city.

As a result of the special operation, the civilian population was not injured. Source:

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