Ten torture chambers found in liberated Kharkiv region


In the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv region, Ukrainian law enforcement officers have found 10 torture chambers, including six in the city of Izium.

National Police Chief Ihor Klymenko said this during a nationwide telethon, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“In the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv region, ten torture chambers have been discovered so far.  Six of them were in the city of Izium, in the places of deployment of the Russian armed forces, where there were service members of the Russian Guard, employees of the FSB, representatives of the Russian police – ‘SOBR’ and other units. Two torture chambers – in the city of Balaklia. One torture chamber – in the village of Hrakovo, Chuhuiv district, and one torture chamber – in the city of Vovchansk. We know for sure that people were tortured there, and we already have information about those who died there,” Klymenko said.

According to him, in Izium, torture chambers were located on the territories of the district administration, the local police office, in the building of the Security Service, the prosecutor’s office, the center for providing administrative services, and the military commissariat. In Balaklia – in the police building, in the temporary detention center, in the building of the printing house. In Vovchansk – on the territory of the aggregate plant.

According to Klymenko, the death of a 40-year-old man from torture in Balaklia has already been confirmed. “This is a local farmer who was tortured to death. He was killed by a noose,” the National Police chief said.

In addition, law enforcement officers freed Sri Lankan citizens, who were captured while trying to get to Kharkiv. “There were seven citizens of Sri Lanka, the students of Kupiansk Medical College. After the occupiers entered the city, they tried to get to Kharkov. They were detained and placed in a cell in Vovchansk, they were tortured. Their nails were pulled out with pliers. Everyone is in an emotionally unstable state. These people were in torture chambers for several months,” Klymenko said.

By torturing civilians, the invaders tried to find out information about the deployment of Ukrainian troops, possible reconnaissance-subversive groups in the occupied territories, as well as about the ATO participants. People, including women, were tortured and held captive from three days to about two months, Klymenko added.

As Ukrinform reported, about 8,500 square kilometers, 388 settlements and 150,000 people have been liberated from Russian invaders in the Kharkiv region since September 6, 2022.


Source: Ten torture chambers found in liberated Kharkiv region

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