UN calls mass grave in Izyum ‘shocking’, wants to send team


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ office said on Friday it wanted to send a team to Izyum to verify a mass grave where more than 400 burials had been found after recapturing the city from Russia.

“Our colleagues in Ukraine are following up on these allegations, and they are aiming at organising a monitoring visit to Izyum to determine the circumstances of the death of these individuals,” spokeswoman Elizabeth Throssell said, Barrons reports.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday blamed Russian forces for what he said was a “mass grave” discovered in the area.

Throssell described the reports as “shocking”, adding the UN team would be looking to ascertain whether those who died were civilians or military personnel, and the cause of any of the deaths.

“It’s important that the circumstances of the deaths of the people who may be in these collective graves be established,” she said.

As reported, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine assumes that the number of Ukrainian citizens killed as a result of the actions of the Russian Federation in the territories of Kharkiv region already liberated from the Russians may be significantly bigger than in Bucha.


Source: UN calls mass grave in Izyum ‘shocking’, wants to send team

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